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    The ePropulsion Navy 3.0 is a maintenance-free marine electric outboard motor equivalent in power to a 6.0hp petrol outboard engine. Unlike a petrol engine, however, Navy 3.0 is remarkably quiet and eco-friendly. You will never have to worry about petrol, repairs and servicing again!

    Ideal for medium sized tenders, small motorboats and sailing yachts up to 3 tonnes/3,000kg in weight, Navy 3.0 is the perfect eco-choice.

    Newly introduced in 2021, the Navy Evo incorporates a self-charging feature that collects electricity from wind and water via a hydrogeneration function. In addition, a wireless Safety Wrist Band is included which keeps you safe in the event of a Man Overboard.

    ePropulsion recommends pairing Navy 3.0 with their E80 lithium iron phosphate battery (4,096Wh). [The smaller batteries in the E series range are not adequate unless (several) are connected in parallel].

    To provide an indication of range, the Navy 3.0 paired with an E80 battery should, for example, propel a 12-foot aluminium boat with one person on board for up to 49 miles at 3.7mph, or for 13.6 miles at 10.2mph, on one charge.

    In order to build your Navy System, you simply need to decide:

    1. Which motor – Navy 3.0 or Navy 6.0?
    2. Which control system – Tiller or Remote?
    3. Which battery? (Although as mentioned, E80 is recommended).

    Bear in mind the Navy 3.0 Motor weighs 24.3kg and an E80 battery 48kg.

    Once you have decided, WhatsApp David at Monster Marine +852-91993860.

    • Shipping to Hong Kong cost is NOT included. Please mesaage to request a shipping cost quote.

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