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Rooster price: GBP165!



Size 4 = Adult Medium (quantity 1+1) and

Size 5 = Adult Large (quantity 3+1)

Scroll down for the Size Guide. 


Super-comfortable with built-in leg battons, Rooster's Classic Hiking shorts are an iconic part of the Rooster range. They have been developed over the years with improved fabrics and technology to keep these hikers at the top of their game!


Featuring built-in 10.5" batten pads at the back of the upper leg, and extra padding at the knee pads, they are perfect for the job and with a thinner super-stretch neoprene behind the knee are comfortable for leg sizes, and when in bent position hiking. 


Adjustable shoulder straps (with ladder buckle) Low cut front panel Racer back design for secure fit at shoulders Material differentiation throughout to aid in hiking performance Soft elastic binding at waist and leg ends Fixed 10.5" battens 3D knee panel with superstretch neoprene behind knees for added comfort when sailing downwind and in bent knee position Duratex IITM seat and knee/shin panels





  • M = body weight around 75/85kg

    L = body weight around 80-95kg

    Remember, these should feel super-tight when dry, difficult to get on, but when wet neoprene expands. The last thing you want is loose neoprene as it will rub! 

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