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The New Laser Control Lines explained

All you need to know about the new deck led systems

Now with the new rules out in force - you might like to take a look at Rooster's Rigging Tips........

This is the complete 15:1 Harken System Rigged - This is the self centering system, from the kicker key to the Kicker pin complete (N.B. this vang unit requires you to have a 6mm hole in your vang tang. You may need to drill yours out if you have a very old section. Use a 6mm drill and then take off the burrs with an 8mm afterwards.) Use tip - ensure that the h312 key block is kept in line with the boom with the use of elastic or tape around the kicker key.

Cunningham and Outhaul
Rooster have developed three different kits for the new Cunningham and outhaul systems -
all three have the same functionality but they each contain different manufacturers components to offer
different price breaks.
Each of the kits contain a Cunnningham pack, Outhaul Pack and the appropiate deck fittings - all of which
are available seperately for those wishing to build the system up in stages.

Booster Race Spec
New Laser Cunningham and Outhaul controls - Using Harken Micro Cam Cleats, 16mm Harken micro blocks and top quality line and the two manufacturer supplied deck fittings. With fitting instructions and diagrams complete - it does not get better than this top of the range system.
This pack contains everything you need to update these controls, simply remove your existing Cunningham fittings and the new deck fittings screw into the same holes - make sure you use a bit of silicone on the screws to ensure the boat remains watertight!

Booster Club Spec
The same functionality as the Race Spec kit, but this mid range system uses Laser XD deck parts coupled with our own rope systems using Ronstan Blocks.

If you have loads of blocks and spare line - then maybe the Rooster Booster Deck Fittings are for you -
Simply the block plate with blocks and cleat plate with cleats assembled and ready for use.
We offer two different kits - both great performers but with a small price differential.

RBDF1 - Deck fittings using Harken components
Rigging the outhaul
Rigging the Cunningham
Splicing Made Easy

It is advisable to wash the mainsheet in the washing machine on a cold wash with a little powder to wash out any oils from the rope. These oils were used to allow the rope to be made extra tight with more body, so that it kinks less when it is used, but would make it slippery for the first 3 or 4 days of use. Always treat it with respect and coil it up after sailing so kinks never form. VERY IMPORTANT: When you rig it on the boat – please ensure that all the coils and kinks are taken out of the rope before you dead end it in the boat (the rope will not absorb or create kinks from then on) – it will then behave like a snake! I throw mine across the boat park and pull out all twists from coiling before I rig it on the boat.

A: Rope needs to be quite rough to work and hold but toe strap is held central in boat. B: Rope can be slippery to allow ease of adjustment but ultimately not equal lengths on each tack. (used by Steve Cockerill)

B: used by Steve Cockerill (also keeps elastic away from the tiller end on a close reach -- when at the back of the boat)

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